International Makeup School by Larisa Larina



Larisa Larina makeup & SFX School

You will learn the secrets of make-up, steps of its application and features of different techniques. You will easily turn the daytime make-up into an elegant evening one. Learn to emphasize perfections, hide minor imperfections and correct the face. And the most important thing – learn how to do it quickly and efficiently. So when you’re late for work, meeting or date – you do not have to save time on your make-up. It will take only a few minutes.


Number of lessons6
  Duration of 1 lesson2-2,5 hours
  Number of people in group2-5This course is conducted individually
   Group course950 uah
  Private tuition1500 uah
  Nearest paunch party


You will learn:


  1.  How to determine your type of appearance and choose the most suitable cosmetic products for you;
  2.  how to choose  the make-up color scale;
  3.  how to choose a powder and make-up foundation and how to apply them correctly;
  4.  when to use an eyeliner, and when to use a pencil;
  5.  how to tint eyebrows correctly;
  6.  how to prettily apply blush;
  7.  about different types of face correction (how to visually reduce or align nose, fix up lips, eyes).


Make-up workshops are also held in the Larisa Larina Makeup & Special Effects School


This workshop is held individually with an experienced teacher. Our master will tell you the makeup basics, teach you how to use brushes and cosmetics and select the desired color scale that suits you personally.



Total duration2,5 hours
  Cost of the workshop500 грн.Everything you need (brushes, cosmetics) will be provided by the school


With the help of our teacher in this workshop you will apply make-up yourself for visiting a theater, restaurant or just meeting friends.


General information

We use only the best cosmetic brands to serve our customers. Brushes and tools are thoroughly washed and disinfected before each client. We care about your health and beauty!
Brides are kindly requested not to forget to call the master on the day before your event and remind of yourself to avoid unexpected surprises on your wedding day. Of course the master will not forget about you, but in the morning of the wedding day you will feel reassured.
For such hot days as New Year’s day, Halloween, popular wedding dates, etc. the services should be 50% prepaid on the PrivatBank card.
If you ordered a service but your circumstances have changed, please be so kind and let us know about it in any convenient way (call, sms). We will show understanding for your situation!